Wee-2-Crafts is literally a "mom and pop" company.  There are two employees (mom and pop) and everything they sell is hand-made at their residence.  Quality is our top consideration and we will give serious consideration to custom work. 

The woodcrafts are more in the area of smaller items verses household furniture; although, one shelf shelves with Shaker knobs are considered small.

See our photo gallery for samples of what we do.

Don't see what you're looking for?  Go to the "Contact Us" page and call us.  We have thousands of embroidery designs, a large array of colors to choose from, and many wood patterns.

We have items for sale at the Seasons Consignment Shop at 26992 Alabama Highway 181 in Daphne at the intersection of Highway 181 and Pleasant Road.  My famous pallet wood Christmas trees and pumpkins are now for sale at Seasons Consignment.  Get yours before they're gone.  Of course, if they're gone, you can also contact me to make them for you.  They come in 4 and 2 foot trees.

We will be at the Jay Peanut Festival in early October.  Google Jay Peanut Festival Jay Florida for exact date.

We will be at the Gingham Festival in Lucedate, MS, in November 11.  Google the Gingham Festival for the date.  I will have onesies and children's T-Shirts with vinyl designs both Christmas and general themes.  Also wall hangings with vinyl themes (Christmas and general), and pallet wood items.  There are 349 spots for vendors and we will be at number 116.  Come out and shop for that unique Christmas that you can't get at Wal-Mart.

Due to the size of some of my pictures, I could not upload their image.  I have a large outdoor manger (4 ft. high by about 4 ft wide).  It comes with the manger entrance with a star, two fences, Mary and Joseph kneeling at the manger, one sheep standing and one laying down.  It is made from treated, exterior 11/32 inch thick plywood with two coats for flat white exterior paint.

Also have signs with the theme of "My Happy Place."  Some are "the cabin", "the ranch", the beach", etc.  If you are interested, I can send you the picture via e-mail.  My e-mail is [email protected].

Due to size restrictions, I cannot upload my pictures but you can find them on my facebook page at Larry Beauchamp.  I have Alabama-Roll Tide and Auburn University soap/lotion dispenser made out of mason jars.  I have a cute onsie which ways "Diaper Loading...Please Wait" and has a thick red line showing the progress (at 50%).    

If you have anything you would like me to try to make, send a picture and the size.  I will get with you for specific details about your item.

On our photo page, we have about 48 images of some of our products.  If you don't see that many, there is a dropdown box on the right which probably says "Album."  Click on it and "My Photos" will drop down.  Click on "My Photos" and all the picture will come up.

We gladly take cash, debit and credit cards.